The Rotonde de Cartier replica watch was the AAA quality model in Swiss-made.

Cartier has unveiled the brand new Rotonde de Cartier replica, with the help of a retrograde moon phase along with the automatic 1904 MC movement.

Rotonde de Cartier replica watch was alunched at Baselworld 2014,Night and day are indicated around the upper 1 / 2 of the dial with a disc that rotates over 12 hrs featuring a sun and moon motif. At the base 1 / 2 of the dial, the Rotonde de Cartier replica watch signifies the phases from the moon having a retrograde hands by means of a lunar crescent.

Rotonde de Cartier replica watch

Within the upper half, time is split up into night and day, hence the specific watch, using a disc which makes an entire circuit every 24 hrs only the top end from the disc is uncovered, using the hrs throughout the day marked with a symbol for that sun and evening hrs marked with a stylized moon. Based on Cartier, this very dayOrevening indicator is among the biggest available.

Longtime supporters of Cartier watchmaking might recall a movement like the automatic calibre 9912 MC at the office here. Without the retrograde moon phase, there is when a Collection Prive watch with very similar characteristics, operated by calibre 9903. Unlike that watch, in which the minutes were in retrograde form, the brand new Rotonde de Cartier Night and day shows the minutes conventionally. Having a diameter of 43.5mm, the timepiece will come in 18k pink gold and, remarkably, in palladium. Neither version is restricted.

Rotonde de Cartier replica watch

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